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I approach portrait photography the same way as landscape or art photography, by letting the moment - you - speak for yourself.  Rather than 'trying' to make you look good, I like my portraits to show you how radiant you already are.  We can be in such a rush with daily life, with thoughts and plans...  When we stop and take time and just be in the moment, we remember who we naturally are, and what that looks like.  It is a natural, easy and enjoyable way to experience portrait photography.

I also undertake corporate commissions, which are really portraits of a business, whether this is capturing images that convey the essence of a logo or mission statement, or pictures of your products and services.  Some examples of both personal and corporate portraits follow below.  If you would like more details, drop me a line in the Contact page.

Georgina Simmonds, Actress, Sydney

Anna Hart, Psychologist, London

Gavin Dillard, Playwright, Maui

Inside out Healing (business)

Deep Spiral (business logo)

Deep Spiral (business logo)

Miti Ampoma, Comms & PR guru, London

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